Office of the President

Dr. Mikhail Brodsky
(510) 208-2803   fax: (510) 208-2826

Ms. Reenu Shrestha (PDSO*)
Assistant to the President
(510) 628-8017   fax: (510) 208-2826

Dr. Guinness W. Lee
Adjunct Dean for International Relations
Advisor to the President

Finance & Personnel Office

(510) 628-8028   fax: (510) 628-8026

Mr. Albert Loh
Chief Financial Officer
(510) 628-8028

Ms. Yu Zhu Liang
Senior Accounting Analyst

Ms. Harneev Dhillon
Budget Analyst

Ms. Martina Bergamini
HR Coordinator
(510) 628-8011

Office of the Provost

Dr. Alexander Anokhin
Acting Provost

Dr. Mohamed Tailab
Dean of  Students

Office of the Administrative Vice President

Dr. Michael Guerra
Administrative Vice President
(510) 628-8031

Admissions and Records Office

(510) 628-8010  fax: (510) 628-8012

Ms. Peggy Au (DSO*)
Director of Admissions and Records
(510) 628-8038

Registrar's Office

(510) 250-6112  fax: (510) 250-6114

Ms. Maggie Hua
(510) 628-8029

Ms. Anjali Shrestha
Post-Secondary Educational Administrator

Mr. Faisal Ahmed
Educational Counselor

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

(510) 628-8025

Dr. Igor Himelfarb
Institutional Research Coordinator

Student Services Office

Mr. Michael Solovey
Internship/Externship Coordinator
(510) 628-8035

Financial Aid Office

(510) 628-8011   fax: (510) 628-8012

Ms. Martina Bergamini
Financial Aid Counselor

Computer Lab (IT Department)

(510) 628-8020

Mr. Shakil Shrestha
Director of Computer Laboratory

Mr. Delli Raj Poudel
Computer Network Architects

Diagnostic Imaging Lab

416 15th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 238-9744

Ms. Marina Kay
Director of Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory


420 15th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 379-4048

Ms. Nicole Y. Marsh
Head Librarian
(510) 379-4053

Ms. Durga Malla Shrestha
Assistant Librarian

Athletics Department

Mr. Desmond Gumbs
Director of Athletics Program
(510) 250-6977

Campus Property Management

Mr. Mikk Teeveer
Campus Property Manager

*DSO = Designated School Official, *PDSO = Principal Designated School Official (Responsible for entering nonimmigrant student data into SEVIS and updating them, as required by U.S. Department of Homeland Security)