Office of the President

Dr. Mikhail Brodsky
(510) 208-2803   fax: (510) 208-2826

Ms. Reenu Shrestha (DSO*)
Assistant to the President
(510) 628-8017   fax: (510) 208-2826

Mr. Rod Ciocho
Secretary to the President
Human Resource Coordinator
(510) 587-9779

Finance/Accounting Office

(510) 628-8028   fax: (510) 628-8026

Mr. Albert Loh
Chief Financial Officer
(510) 628-8028

Ms. Sandy Liang
Supervisor & Budget Analyst

Ms. Yu Zhu Liang
Revenue Analyst

Ms. Guannan Wang
Cost Analyst

Office of the Provost

Dr. Marc Slavin
Provost/Chief Academic Officer
(510) 628-8013

Dr. Alexander Anokhin
Assistant Provost
(510) 628-8016

Office of the Administrative Vice President

Dr. Michael Guerra
Administrative Vice President
(510) 628-8031

Admissions and Records Office

(510) 628-8010  fax: (510) 628-8012

Ms. Peggy Au (DSO*)
Director of Admissions and Records
(510) 628-8038

Mr. Sunny Saggi
Admissions Evaluation Officer
(510) 628-8015

Registrar's Office

(510) 250-6112  fax: (510) 250-6114

Ms. Maggie Hua
(510) 628-8029

Ms. Anjali Shrestha
Post-Secondary Educational Administrator

Mr. Faisal Ahmed
Assistant to the Registrar

Office of Accreditation Compliance and Quality Assurance

Dr. Harpal Dhillon
Director of Accreditation Compliance & Quality Assurance
(510) 254-3756

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

(510) 628-8025

Dr. Igor Himelfarb
Institutional Research Coordinator

Student Services Office

Ms. Ana Maria Gower
Director of Student Services

Mr. Robert Stein
Internship/Externship Coordinator
(510) 628-8035

Financial Aid Office

(510) 628-8011   fax: (510) 628-8012

Ms. Wendy Vasquez
Financial Aid Director

Ms. Martina Bergamini
Financial Aid Counselor

Computer Lab (IT Department)

(510) 628-8020

Mr. Shakil Shrestha
Director of Computer Laboratory

Mr. Md Sakhawat Sojib
Computer Systems Analyst

Mr. Delli Raj Poudel
Computer Network Architects

Diagnostic Imaging Lab

1446 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 238-9744

Ms. Marina Kay
Director of Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory


420 15th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 379-4048

Ms. Nicole Y. Marsh
Head Librarian
(510) 379-4053

Ms. Durga Malla Shrestha
Assistant Librarian

Athletics Department

Mr. Desmond Gumbs
Director of Athletics Program
(510) 250-6977

Campus Property Management

Mr. Mikk Teeveer
Campus Property Manager

*DSO = Designated School Official, *PDSO = Principal Designated School Official (Responsible for entering nonimmigrant student data into SEVIS and updating them, as required by U.S. Department of Homeland Security)