Accreditation Compliance and Quality Assurance

Mission of Lincoln University

The mission of Lincoln University is to provide affordable educational programs in diverse fields of study, delivered by experienced educators, and leading to outstanding employment opportunities for American and international students. Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctor degree programs are utilizing practical experience of instructors and geared to give students tools for successful professional careers.

Lincoln University Objectives

The basic objectives of Lincoln University are: 1) to assist students in the development of their analytical capacity; 2) to provide the necessary knowledge of the selected subject areas; 3) to instill the values of personal responsibility leading to good citizenship in a global society; and 4) to provide a terminal degree to the motivated and capable students.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning outcomes assessment is a continuous systematic process designed to evaluate and improve student learning. 

This IR Report is designed to provide information about and for Lincoln University as a part of ongoing educational assessment efforts.