Letters from the President

Covid - 19 Updates

Dr. Brodsky

March 16, 2020

Dear Lincoln University Students, Faculty, and Staff:

I want to update you on some operational changes we are making in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus situation.

At this time, no confirmed cases exist on campus. However, COVID-19 and its effects are in the forefront of our lives, dominating the news throughout the world. The more we can do today to reduce the infection rate, the better off our community and world will be in the long run. The State of California and leadership of the Bay Area proposed extremely tough measures for our operations. We have to follow them and totally change our operations.

After much thought and consideration, we have decided to switch to online teaching mode until the situation is normalized and probably for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester. These are the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of your health:

  • All non-lab classes with 10 or less students will be switched to independent/special study format. That means that students will receive reading assignments by emails and communicate with their instructors by emails. The instructors may decide to teach these classes online as below and should inform students. The list of the classes will follow.
  • All other non-lab classes will be taught online starting Monday, March 23rd using an online platform. The specific platforms (Google Hangouts, Canvas, or similar) and explanations on how to use them will be provided later. Lincoln Computer Lab staff and the Assistant Provost will help in case of technical difficulties.
  • The DI classes that are requiring 1-unit lab (DI 120, DI 124, DI 125, DI 150 and DI 231) will have two lectures per week online (instead of lab they will have extra lecture). There are about 4 lab sessions left for those classes. When we reopen the school, they will have the lab meetings on an intensive schedule. Since lecture material will be covered, they can use the time completely for the lab.
  • The DI 170 and DI 241 courses are lab only classes. These two will be reopening when permitted and extended hours will be provided or moved completely to the break time.
  • The semester is currently extended through Monday, May 18th and may be extended more if necessary.
  • Annual commencement ceremony has been postponed to December 2020, after the end of the Fall semester.

Thank you for your attention. We will update you on any changes in the situation.

Dr. Mikhail Brodsky, President