Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

At Lincoln University, members of the University community have the right to present their ideas in the spirit of the development of knowledge and the journey for truth. Freedom of expression includes debates, speeches, symposia, posting of signs, petitioning, information dissemination, the formation of groups and participation in group activities, and the invitation of guest speakers to speak on topics related to academic coursework. The school believes that an educated student graduate from Lincoln University should be equipped with not only the education and knowledge to develop and articulate a point of view but to sustain it in the face of contrary opinions. Lincoln University recognizes this view of education as a critical component of its vision, mission, and values, including as core values a commitment to:

  1. Encourage the freedom and responsibility to pursue truth and follow evidence to its conclusion.
  2. Encourage the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and traditions as essential components of a quality education in our international context.

Therefore, Lincoln University affirms the right of every member of its community to free expression and association. It is understood that the positions or views expressed by some members of the University community or speakers themselves do not necessarily reflect the views of the school administration. In general, Lincoln University shall not impair or abridge the foregoing freedoms beyond the regulations of the time, place and manner of their expression, except as to such speech, expression, or association that is outside protection by the U.S. Constitution. Students and student groups are guaranteed the freedom to examine and to discuss questions of interest, and to express their opinions publicly and privately. Lincoln University also recognizes its obligation to protect its property and processes from individual or collective actions that are malicious, or that disrupt this institution, or that obstruct, restrain or interfere with activities of members of the University community.


  1. Lincoln University students, faculty, employees are free to organize or join associations whose stated purposes are consistent with the University’s Mission to promote their common interests.

  2. All these groups are required to register with the University through the Office of Student Services. This registration of a student group carries with its certain rights, responsibilities, and privileges. Information required for registration will include the following: the name of the group; a statement of the general purpose of the group; the names, student identification numbers, and the names of all officers and/or directors of the group; and any other information required by the administration. Registration of student groups shall be freely permitted, subject to the limitations set forth herein. Registration of the groups does not in any way suggest or imply that the Lincoln University approves, supports or sponsors such groups, or the points of view espoused thereby.

  3. Membership in student groups must be open to all registered students at the University.

  4. All registering student groups will agree, at the time of registration with the University, to the policies and procedures promulgated herein relating to their activities on campus.

  5. Information disseminated by any registered student group shall contain the following statement: “The views presented herein do not necessarily reflect the position of Lincoln University.”

  6. Registered student groups may use the University facilities and resources with the prior approval from the Administrative Vice President, and if the use does not interfere with campus operations.

  7. Lincoln University faculty and students can be members of the same student group and are subject to the same requirements listed above. In addition, students are not allowed to place themselves in a position where the faculty member of this group is any way involved in evaluating the academic performance of any student members of the group for the duration of his or her studies at Lincoln University. If the student group involves any financial obligation or financial risk, members of the group are required to file a signed statement with the Chief Financial Officer acknowledging understanding of their personal financial risk and that Lincoln University is not responsible.

  8. Lincoln University shall have the right to regulate the time, place and manner of all on-campus expression, and to prohibit any speech and expression which creates a clear and present danger of: generating excessive noise; or interfering with or disrupting classes or other ongoing Lincoln University events or activities. In addition, Lincoln University shall have the right to prohibit, prevent or stop expression which, by its content: is itself illegal or advocates a clear and present danger of causing violence or illegal action; advocates the physical harm, coercion, intimidation or other invasions of personal rights of individual Lincoln University students, faculty, staff, administrators or guests; or advocates willful damage or destruction or seizure of campus facilities or other property, or destruction of or interference with ongoing classes, events or activities.

  9. Lincoln University shall have the right to impose appropriate discipline upon any student or faculty member whose expression goes beyond that which is protected hereunder and/or comes within the purview of activities outlined above.