Alcohol and Drug Policy

Lincoln University complies with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act Final Regulations of 1990. Lincoln has a standard of conduct that prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of unlawful drugs and alcohol by students and employees on Lincoln University property (Main Campus, DI Lab, or Library) or a part of campus related University activities.

The University will impose disciplinary sanctions on employees and students that ranges from educational and rehabilitation efforts up to and including expulsion or termination of employment and referral for prosecution by the police for violations of the law. These laws impose legal penalties for both misdemeanor and felony convictions. Criminal penalties for convictions can range from fines and probation to denial or revocation of federal benefits (such as student loans or immigration status) to incarceration (county, state or federal prison), and the forfeiture of personal and real property. All members of the Lincoln University of community have the right and responsibility to pursue his or her academic endeavors in a safe, effective, drug-free environment. For those Title IV students receiving federal financial aid, a student must not have been convicted of an offense involving the possession or sale of illegal drugs that occurred while the student was enrolled and receiving Title IV aid.

Lincoln University’s Alcohol Policy adheres to local, State, and Federal laws regarding the purchase, sale and consumption of alcohol, including those prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 21 on campus and at University-sponsored events. Abuse of alcohol and drugs can have a significant negative impact on one’s professional, academic, personal, and family life. Students, staff and faculty work collaboratively in developing educational programs that will encourage responsible adult behavior.  The practice of students accepting responsibility for compliance with federal and state laws with Lincoln University’s Alcohol and Drug Policies nurtures mature adult behavior.

At the beginning of the Lincoln University’s academic year in August (August to July), the University notifies employees and students of their responsibility to adhere to the alcohol and drugs policy. In addition, Lincoln requires new students to attend a new student orientation session at the start of their academic program where they are informed of Lincoln’s alcohol and drug-free policy and their personal responsibility to behave within this policy.  Lincoln also provides new employees with training on complying with this policy.

The Office of the Dean of Students is tasked with administrative oversight and enforcement of this policy at the student level under the Administrative Division. This includes education, prevention, and enforcement activities. Additionally, the Director of Student Services maintains a record of all reported drug and alcohol related incidents that occur on campus or at off-campus activities.

A biennial review is conducted to determine its effectiveness and implement changes to the program if necessary and ensure that the disciplinary sanctions listed are consistently enforced. For further information, please contact the Administrative Vice-President through Lincoln University’s general number at (510) 628- 8010 or visit the Administrative Vice-President’s office on the main campus.