Computer Network Architect

Lincoln University seeks Computer Network Architect.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field such as Information Technology, Information Management or Information Systems required.

24 months of experience in any job title involving information technology related job duties required.

Job duties:

  1. Update the University’s website and work on maintaining it once it is published;
  2. Upgrade the University’s computer network and server room;
  3. Enhance the University’s network security and make decision regarding information security;
  4. Build infrastructure to support online instructions, including setting up laptops for audio-visual capability, classroom audio-visual set-up (including TV, camera and microphone), and Zoom Video and Google Meet;
  5. Learn, configure, and use the Blackbaud Student Information System;
  6. Research new technologies and programs, and explain to management why it is in their best interest to choose them.

Work site: Oakland, CA
Mail resumes to: Lincoln University, Attn: Rod Ciocho, 401 15th Street, Oakland, CA 94612